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The Story of Semina.

"Semina" noun (Ghaninian Twi) - Soap

Semina products are all-natural, handmade, and made with skin-loving ingredients. Inspired by Mother Nature and her gifts, Semina uses only the best essential oils to create versatile haircare and body products that soothe and add moisture. We vigorously test our formulas to ensure that your body gets only what it needs from our product line. 

Powered by shea butter. Shea butter provides natural nourishment and is gentle on skin. Rich in antioxidants, shea butter is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, as well as a natural sun protector and scar reducer. 

Each sustainably sourced product is handmade and packaged in small batches to care for all skin types. 

We believe that skin is happiest when nourished.

From 1998 to 2023: 

In 1998, our Founder traveled to the UK, where she discovered hair and body products using Row Shea Body, a moisturizer she had used since childhood. She was initially excited by the discovery of these products but then noticed that they contained minimal amounts of shea butter. 

Our Founder then embarked on a career as a healthcare nurse, while she settled with her family in Cleveland, Ohio. She continued to seek out products incorporating shea butter, as she knew it to be an ingredient her hair and skin craved.​

Wanting to bring the nourishment she experienced in shea butter to more body care enthusiasts, Abena created Semina Soaps—where mother nature’s gifts are enhanced.

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