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Exfoliate, Clean, & Nourish more Naturally

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

We all know that our skin is the largest organ but what do we do to care for and nourish it?

We shed 100,000s of skin cells daily and that compounded with makeup, lotions and sweat our skin is sometimes not as clean and clear as we may think.

From time to time it’s good to take a moment and exfoliate your skin and truly leave a clean and polished surface. Not only does exfoliation clean the skin it is said to soften and increase skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Our formulation also includes moisturizing ingredients that give our scrub the ability to exfoliate deeply while moisturizing your skin.

In addition to all of these healthy skin benefits our Hand and Body Scrub allows you to give yourself or others a mini spa treatment at home.

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